Sunday, February 28, 2010

Brunch at the Dixie Grill, downtown Wilmington, NC 2/27/10 1pm

we had planned to have breakfast out but often have a slow start on weekend mornings and arrive saturday at 1pm still wanting pancakes. the dixie is a local institution famous for its breakfast which is served all day. there's a small crowd outside and we go in to find out how long we'll have to wait. 20-25 minutes but there are only two groups ahead of us so it shouldn't be that bad. as long as your kids aren't too antsy waiting can be fun here. there is a lot to look at including the other diners - a mixed group of downtown hipsters in cool glasses and skinny jeans, families with little kids and cozy older couples, funky colorful decor and original art on the walls. we wait our 20 minutes even though there seem to be 4 four tops available the entire time we wait (if anyone knows why they do this, let me know.) we pass the time people watching, picture taking and chit chatting with the friendly crowd, some we know others we don't. if you want to be seated quickly opt for the counter. once seated we look over the menu - lots of yummy choices for both breakfast and lunch (including vegetarian options, not much for vegans except veggie burgers and fries.) no kids menu was offered and no crayons or games at the table but there's a great big chalkboard in the back. our waitress is sweet and kid friendly (our old babysitter worked here before she left for college and that is the vibe of all the wait staff - hip, wholesome and nice.) we each ordered a short stack - lily- buttermilk pancakes, mom - mixed berry. both were delicious and filling. my one suggestion is that the dixie add veggie sausage to the menu. other than that, super yum, super fun place to eat for kids and adults alike.


dixie grill had very extremely yummy food. the buttermilk pancakes were delicious. this was my first time eating bacon*. it was very greasy. i didn't like it and now i know i will never eat bacon again. i really wish they had veggie sausage. i liked the pictures everywhere. the picture of bacon, eggs and toast running for their life is funny. i like that we got to sit at a booth. the first one behind the counter had a hole in the floor and you might lose your crocs or flip flips but i had on uggs.


*mom's note: lily has been vegetarian most of her life and even vegan for awhile. she is trying new foods but we still eat a mostly plant based diet at home.


  1. This blog is cool. Keep it going!!!

  2. They leave those booths open because they really need another cook or assistant to help. The cook is unable to prepare as many orders as the restaurant can seat. So they always keep a bunch of seats open to aggravate the customers and make the cook happy. Odd business thinking huh? I love this blog. M