Sunday, February 28, 2010

wilmington children's museum 2/27/10

after brunch at the dixie we walked 3 blocks to the wilmington children's museum at 2nd and orange streets. we have been to children's museums in new york, atlanta, greensboro, raleigh and columbia, sc and sadly our own is my least favorite of all. it moved to an expanded space a few years back which was highly anticipated but also highly disappointing. though the newer space was architecturally interesting linking two historic buildings with a modern addition and outdoor space the play/learn areas are low tech and unimaginative. we haven't been here in awhile so i was surprised when lily asked if we could go. coincidentally i received a post on facebook  saying admission was free with a library card for a child and accompanying adult. not my favorite way to spend a saturday but at least it was free - or so i thought. when we arrived we were told that only the child's admission was free and adults had to pay $8. and that the museum wasn't responsible for advertising posted by third parties. the place seems to have fallen into disrepair since our last visit. it seemed dirty and neglected. once upon a time the museum had a great science educator dr. goo, now the place seems to be run entirely by volunteers. we had the best time in the art room. two projects were offered make a paper lantern and fabric collage. no art educator but clearly written instructions and lots of free supplies. we had fun but hardly worth the admission price of $8/per person even if we only had to pay for one. if you have little ones eat first or bring your own snacks. they sell popcorn and packaged snack foods but nothing healthy or substantial.


i wanted to go to the children's museum because we haven't been there in a long time. my mom said we could get a free book there on that day but we didn't. actually my favorite part is  the grocery store because it has a conveyor belt that takes food upstairs to the restaurant. the scrambled eggs looked like vomit. the art room is fun. we cut fabric into pictures. my picture was of a girl. it was extremely fun.


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