Monday, March 1, 2010

iLove iCarly

I do love iCarly! But not as much as.......MANDY!!!!! Their biggest fan. It's an awesome show. It's a show about a web show that is made by three cool tweens - Carly (Shay), Sam (Pucket) & Freddy(Benson). Spencer is Carly's older brother, & my favorite character too. iCarly  is a crazy show! My favorite episode was when Freddy made FRED ( from YouTube ) mad. I like when Sam insults Freddy and Spencer's sculptures - "Merry Sniffmas", "Yippee Yi YoYo", "Giant Newton Ball" and "The Seat of Sitting" to name just a few. Believe it or not there's a new episode where Carly, Sam and Freddy go into outer space. I can't wait.


honestly, i like iCarly too. it doesn't talk down to kids the way disney channel shows do and the kids are not nearly as dweeby and obnoxious, plus it references pop culture, changing names of say, bobby flay to ricky flame, pf cheng's to to bf wangs and the disney channel ( where middle aged men steal ideas from iCarly for their lame TV shows) to the dingo channel. as kids TV goes - not too painful, maybe even kind of cute.


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