Wednesday, March 10, 2010

the Hot Pink Cake Stand , Wilmington, NC 3/10/10

 i love the hot pink cake stand, a fairly new addition to wilmington's downtown at 114 north front street. i first tried it by myself last week. in the time it has been open the hot pink cake stand has gained a reputation for delicious cupcakes and beautiful cakes made by owner and cake artist jody carmichael who is as cute and sweet as her creations. since it was early morning on my first visit i tried a blueberry muffin which was the perfect breakfast treat. i returned the next day to try vegan pineapple cupcakes that jody told me about the day before. just as i walked in another customer purchased the last of the pineapple - no problem i bought lemon and coconut instead and brought them home to share with lily. they were both delicious but we both had a slight preference for the lemon - super yummy.  the hot pink cake stand is the perfect combination of cozy, fresh and modern decorated in bright pinks and greens and blues with fresh flowers everywhere! the tables at the front are the perfect place for girlfriends to stop and chat after shopping or for an informal business meeting. i prefer to sit at the mosaic glass tiled counter and chat with jody as she works. what fun! in addition to cupcakes and muffins, jody has added cookies, scones and brownies to the menu and plans to add a savory breakfast roll sometime this week. vegan cupcakes are available daily ( i tried the chai tea variety and it was delicious) and gluten free are available friday and saturday. check out the hot pink cake stand's fan page on facebook to see what jody has baked fresh each day. or check their website @


I like that the Hot "Pink" Cake Stand was "pink". The cupcakes were terrific. I've had lemon, coconut and vanilla. Lemon was my favorite. I am looking forward to eating the Oreo cupcake. The cupcakes there were awesome and the lady that owns it is very friendly. I liked sitting at the counter. The counter top is pretty and you can see them making cupcakes. It would be a great place to have party decorating cupcakes or an easter egg cupcake hunt. I want to go back over the weekend for a playdate with Chloe and eat cupcakes.



  1. I normally do not have any interest in things of a sweet nature, but this place intrigues me! I think it's all of the creative ingredients/combinations.

    Lily - I love anything lemon flavored - I think I'll start there! I bet it will be my favorite as well!

  2. Thank you so much! Our website is still under construction so anyone interested google us or search hot pink cake stand on facebook! Love having you and Lily! See you next time!

  3. I have to check this place out next time we visit Wilmington! Sounds yummy--and cute!:)