Sunday, March 14, 2010

I liv for Liv Dolls (and other dolls too!)

Liv dolls are totally cool dolls that can do yoga. They have eight movable joints - ankles, knees, hips, waist, wrists, elbows, shoulders, and neck and you can remove their hair. They have very pretty wigs that can be colorful or normal hair colors. They can have short hair or long hair. The dolls are so cute. There are four Liv dolls - Alexis, Sophie, Katie and Daniela. I have Sophie and Katie. Liv dolls are so fun cuz you can change their wigs from brown to green to blonde to pink. They are teens. They are four fashionable female friends. They made new Liv dolls that come with dogs. Daniela has DJ, Katie has Sk8 but I don't remember the others. They fit in Barbie clothes.


lily is not a girly girl but she loves dolls. she has four baby dolls who are her "children" - sissy, stella, bella and rebecca chelsea. one or all of these "kids"  have come with us wherever we go for as long as i remember. they have more clothes than i do and get christmas presents every year. this year lily asked for a "twin" brother for rebecca chelsea and was very disappointed when santa brought a "little brother" instead. (message to toy manufacturers. everyone is making 18" american girl type dolls but not a boy in the bunch. somebody please make a boy doll. please!) sissy was the first. lily got her for her first christmas. she is a red haired moppet, an adorable cloth doll, a madame alexander doll made in the image of a mary englebreit illustration. i am convinced that lily will have sissy all of her life. for a while she was obsessed with groovy girls. adorable cloth kids by manhattan toy. a great alternative to barbie for young kids who love fashion and dress up. they have cute outfits that come on and off easily and close with velcro so little fingers don't have to fumble and little fashionistas don't get frustrated. for christmas this year lily wanted the newest doll to hit the market, the liv doll. i was skeptical - another doll, another gimmick and more STUFF to buy. but the liv dolls are different. unlike the vacuous barbie the liv dolls are 4 tween friends with distinct personalities and interests. they are also super posable which has been fun for lily who likes to style, pose and photograph her dolls for fashion shoots. each doll comes with two wigs. accessory wig packs in different styles and colors are also available which has been fun for lily as well. the dolls are a little pricey around $17.00 each but the latest dolls come with a dog as well as clothing wigs and accessories. the dolls are also computer interactive (what toy isn't these days.) we are disappointed that the yoga set and Katie's skateboard which figure prominently in the advertising are not available for sale anywhere at this point.


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